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Commercial Roofing

men repairing the commerial roof

Considered the best commercial roofers in our area, St Catharines Roofing Pros are the company to assist you with all your commercial properties roofing needs. As the owner or site manager of a commercial site, it is your legal obligation to keep the site users safe and secure. Your roof has the primary function of protecting these people so ensuring that it is well maintained and repaired when necessary is a key consideration for you to make. By working with us you can be assured that all is well in your roof, and any assessments, repairs, or other works are done thoroughly and with great attention to detail.

Roof assessments

In order to keep your roof safe, it is key that you make your own regular checks for damage but also employ a commercial roofing company to perform more thorough checks semi-regularly. These assessments are incredibly in-depth and will allow us to make a clear picture of the exact condition of your roof. From this information, any recommendations can be made if you need to have any repairs or other services performed. The assessment is relevant for all styles of roofing including flat roofs, metal roofs as well as shingle and other slanted roof styles.

Roof repairs

If there is damage to your roof, quickly hiring commercial roofing contractors to perform repairs is important to prevent further issues developing. We can perform repairs on any scale, from small damaged areas to solving full-scale roofing issues. We know that for your commercial site, issues with your roof can be hugely problematic. Our goal is to keep you working! So, with flexible working hours, we can work to suit you and keep your business going as much as possible.

Roof installation or replacement

When you are constructing a new commercial site and require a durable, high-quality roof installed, or if your existing roof has reached a point that it needs to be replaced, you need a company that comes highly recommended. With a whole host of happy clients behind us, we have worked on many of the commercial roofs across the city, ensuring complete safety and security through our work. Whether you need the careful removal of an existing roof before installation or you are starting afresh, our team will be happy to provide you with options and expert recommendations to build you a roof that will be long-lasting and suit your needs perfectly.


Commercial gutters can cause huge problems. Ensuring that they are functioning properly ensures that your roofing and the rest of the property is kept safe. By directing water away from your building in a logical system of guttering and drainage, you prevent the possibility of unknown water re-entering your property and causing problems down the line like damp, rot, or mold. By working with us we can solve all guttering issues, including blocks, damage, or misaligned parts, as well as installing replacements in full or in sections where necessary.