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Metal Roofing

roof made in metal

Metal roofing is an excellent way to quickly install a roof that is cost-effective in both the short and long term. More commonly used on commercial properties it is becoming increasingly common for residential properties also. With a variety of types of roofs that come under the header ‘metal roofing’, there are options to choose from as well as picking the style. Metal roofs are extremely resilient and are known to last for up to 100 years!

Types of metal roofing

Several types of roofing come under the category of metal roofing. All have slightly different properties and aesthetics and are extremely versatile to suit your preference. For example, sheet metal roofing are sheet-like panels which can be flat or with textured details. It can be sourced to look like it has shingles on it, or in shapes similar to tiles. The most common materials for metal roofing are aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, and copper. We work often with aluminum roofing as its qualities work best with our needs in this area.

Causes of damage

Your metal roof can become damaged because of any number of reasons. Most commonly we see damage because of extreme weather like high winds, hail, or snow. This may cause scratches, punctures, damage to fasteners, and the clips that secure the roof, corrosion, and deterioration. All these issues may occur because of the weather, the aging process, or poor installation. You can look out for issues by checking regularly if you can see anything that looks damaged or not secured. If you can see loose nails, any panels coming off, or any of the above signs, be sure to get in touch with an expert to quickly solve the issue before further damage takes place.


Our roofing repairs are extremely thorough. We will solve all issues with your metal roof, from re-nailing any loose nails, through to replacement of panels. Metal roofing is highly versatile as they come in panels, so the repairs are very diverse. For a larger area of damage, we can replace the entire panel, and for smaller sections, we will add a patch to seal the damaged area. We use high-quality products and materials so all repairs are durable and long-lasting. Our initial assessment will allow us to see any issues that need dealing with and our repairs will cover everything necessary.

Installation or replacement

As your local premier metal roofing contractors, get in touch for all your metal roofing needs. Whatever stage you are in, if in process of construction, or in a place where a full replacement needs to take place, we will be happy to help. With an honest and friendly team, we will provide advice where necessary ensuring that the roof you receive is exactly what you need, entirely suited to your needs. During a replacement we will carefully remove your existing roof and replace it with your new one, working efficiently to ensure minimum time is lost for you as the works take place.