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Residential Roofing

man working the house roof

If you are looking for roofing companies near you, you have come to the right place! With many years of experience providing roofing repairs and other roof services to the residential properties of St Catharines, Ontario, we are here to help. You must have confidence in the roof of your home so that you feel safe and protected. With an expert team of roofers, we will make a full assessment of the situation before work begins. We work with great attention to detail and you can be assured that everything we do will have longevity and durability at its heart.

New builds

For properties in the process of construction, we are the team to get you started on the right foot. With expertise in all areas of roof construction, our team can assist and advise you in your choice of materials and style before performing a full and thorough installation. We work hard to ensure all our work will be long-lasting by using the best materials and installation methods available.  From flat roofs to tiles, to shingle, to metal roofing, we are the number one roofing contractors for all residential new builds.

Roof assessments

It is essential that you keep an eye on your roof. Regularly checking for any signs of damage or leaks will help you to catch any issues early. It can be difficult however to spot some more hidden damage so employing a professional roofing company to perform a thorough assessment is vital to be assured that all is well. Our highly trained experts will leave no stone unturned, checking everything from gutters, to roofing materials to chimneys and drip edges. This assessment can be useful to uncover any issues that need to be dealt with as well as if you are looking to sell your property soon. Any problems that are discovered will be accompanied by our recommended course of action and we can discuss with you your options.

Roof repairs

For any roofing repairs, St Catharines Roofing Pros are the number one trusted company in our area. Able to perform the smallest of repairs through to much larger-scale repairs, our costs are kept low, but our standards are high. We are the local company that provides every homeowner the possibility to have their roofs kept safe. Following a thorough assessment of your roofing issue, our expert team will put together a proposal of action, and once you have approved it, work can begin! Using high-quality methods, products, and materials our repairs are long-lasting.

Roof replacements

If you require a full roof replacement, fear not! Although this can seem a daunting task, our many years of experience mean that we work efficiently and effectively completing the task to a high standard and much quicker than other, less experienced companies. Following discussions and assessments to decide on the most appropriate materials and styles, we can begin the careful removal of your existing roof before the new one is installed.